• The Big Blue Hug
  • The Big Blue Hug
  • The Big Blue Hug

The Big Blue Hug

This is the drawing that started it all!

Makes a great gift to celebrate: Love, Affection, Appreciation and Thanks

Ellis drew this to me at bed time because I was not listening to him. He is quite good at stalling so at some point I insisted he goes to bed.

This time however all Ellis wanted was a hug. So to get my attention, he drew a hug on his trusty chalkboard. I was so inspired by his scribble that I traced it onto glass and it became the first painting I ever made of his drawings.

The background is a fuzzy white fabric with hearts.

    • Includes a story explaining what Ellis was drawing about.
    • All paintings are made with the highest quality transparent glass paints.
    • All paintings come already framed and ready to display or hang.
    • This art is 3D! Place it in a direct source of light and watch it come to LIFE!

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