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Meet the founder of the THE BIG BLUE HUG and PICTURE TALKING!

Jason Goldsmith, Communication Artist, D.E.C., D.E.P.

Formally trained as an industrial designer, Jason worked as a design consultant creating innovative product lines for Disney, Trudeau Corporation, Starfrit, and D-Box Technologies before refocusing his energies towards helping his autistic son, Ellis. Along with his fine arts and design background, Jason has received trainings in language stimulation and relationship development for autistic children. Jason's work with Ellis lead to the discovery of drawing as a way to augment communication. Founded in 2006, The Big Blue Hug became Jason's vehicle to share his story with others. Realizing that the foundations of The Big Blue Hug's art lay in a powerful visual communication tool, Jason founded Picture Talking in 2007. Since then Jason has been developing the communication tool through collaborations with schools and child developmental centres.

In addition to spreading autism awareness through his art, Jason gives regular trainings on language stimulation in schools, developmental centres and universities all around Quebec. Jason also teaches 'Adapting educational materials for language delayed children' at TAV College in Montreal, writes for Inspirations Magazine and is an Autism Consultant for Sexpressions.ca, Canada’s largest online resource for Sex-Ed teaching materials.

The Big Blue Hug and Picture Talking has received national and local media attention through interviews with CBC (Montrealer of the week), CJAD (Tommy Schnurmacher), and CTV.  Jason Goldsmith received an award for his contribution to the Montreal autism community from the Montreal Autism Awareness Gala 2011 and The Big Blue Hug has been awarded Le Concours québécois en entrepreneuriat 2007, Montreal West.