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Drawing Out Communication

Introduction drawing as a mode of visual communication.


Drawing Out Literacy

Developing reading, writing and language through joint story making.



Invite us to your organization to animate an engaging, interactive training for your staff and clients. 

Our workshops and trainings inform educators,  teachers and parents how to interpret the meanings of behaviours (get to the root cause) and address them through back and forth visual conversations thus helping you improve communication with your children. We teach how to get nonverbal students to express themselves better and verbal students become better at understanding the words and behaviour of others. We believe when you appeal to a child's intelligence, that is what the child will show you. 

Through the presentation of case studies and actively engaging participants in drawing for communication, our workshops address the core communication needs of educators working with students who present problematic behaviours, limited communication, and/or social challenges.   

Skills and knowledge taught:

  • Understanding that behaviour is communication, and how to interpret it.
  • Identifying a child’s actual communication and emotional needs to address the root cause of behavioural issues.  
  • The thinking process needed to express your ideas into picture conversations.
  • The skills to draw expressive stick people and animals with emotions, actions and objects.
  • Activities suited for one-on-one and group settings.
  • How drawing can improve the teaching of academic content.

Participants will learn to use the visual mode of communication to:

  • dramatically decrease unwanted behaviours and resolve conflicts
  • significantly improve your receptive and expressive communication with students.
  • use empathy and observation to correctly interpret a child’s needs, even if they do not explicitly explain themselves to you.
  • become confidant drawing for communication, even if you think you can’t!