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"The work that Jason Goldsmith is doing is extremely valuable to the field of speech/ language pathology and to the education of young people in general.”  - Nancy Ship MA, SLP

Picture TALKING is a means of conversing through drawing. You can think of it as a visual sign language that requires no vocabulary to memorize and no grammar to master. It works to supports the communication efforts of expert and novice communicators alike.

Parents and professionals use Picture TALKING to support their spoken words with drawing conversations. Children use Picture TALKING to help express their thoughts and feelings when they cannot do so with their words.


Expert and novice communicators alike can...

  • say what they want, when they want to and do so in any context (in work, rest or play)
  • dramatically increase conversation opportunities at home, at school and on the go
  • significantly improve clarity of requests and explanations
  • reinforce memory and planning skills
  • encourage flexible thinking
  • even share personal insights and mutual understanding



Picture TALKING is more than forming sentences with pictograms and making schedules, it turns visuals into a real language, a collaboration between partners who are interested in building meaningful dialogue. Picture TALKING is unique because the process of drawing together is a process of actually making something.  Meaning is co-created as adult and child discover each others' thoughts, feelings and ideas through the concrete and visual medium of drawing.

What others are saying

You will never know how you and Ellis have changed our lives.” -J. Picard, mother, teacher

Picture Talking is a powerful tool. Parents and professionals can be easily taught this unique system to reach out to their child. What a revelation it is to access a child‘s inner world!”    -Katia Elkouby, MSc., Ps.Ed., Hôpital Sainte-Justine

Picture Talking was the missing link to help Evan move towards fluent speech. Everything was baby steps before we started drawing together.”  -Evan’s mother, special educator 


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