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  • **NEW!**  Collect moments
  • **NEW!**  Collect moments

**NEW!** Collect moments

Collect moments, not things

Makes a great gift to celebrate: Cherished shared memories with family and friends

This is a drawing of our favorite activity: blowing bubbles! I just love how the sudden appearance of bubbles changes people's mood instantly. It's like a super power. When Ellis is in their presence, his autism disappears briefly and he opens up, it's magical. This piece is about the importance of cherishing our experiences because more than anything, they make us who we are.

The bubbles are clear with iridescent sparkles and vibrant colour swirls. It's a technique I invented just for this drawing that took a year of countless experiments to perfect. I hope you agree that it was worth the wait :)

Includes a story explaining what Ellis was drawing about.
    • All paintings are made with the highest quality transparent glass paints.
    • All paintings come already framed and ready to display or hang.
    • This art is 3D! Place it in a direct source of light and watch it come to LIFE!

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