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Come Together

"There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up" - John Andrew Holmes, Jr

Makes a great gift to celebrate: Diversity, Achievement, Growth, Community

The first half of Ellis' school day was a difficult one for him. He was feeling overwhelmed and unfocused. One of Ellis' biggest challenges is controlling his emotions when he is out of sorts. But he has become so much more self-aware over the years.

This day was a breakthrough for Ellis because this was the first time he expressed pride in pulling himself together. He even discussed how OTHERS were proud of him too! This was a little step in the marathon of growing up.

This is a drawing of Ellis and his teachers celebrating his little success.

Note: This is the same drawing as in the painting "Let Good Things Grow". In this painting, the three colours come together to form one tree. It is about people helping people.  

    • Includes a story explaining what Ellis was drawing about.
    • All paintings are made with the highest quality transparent glass paints.
    • All paintings come already framed and ready to display or hang.
    • This art is 3D! Place it in a direct source of light and watch it come to LIFE!

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