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NEW Workshop!

Before children learn to read and write, they draw!

Drawing Stories

Literacy can be challenging for early communicators. In typical child development, kids first learn to express themselves through drawing. It is the first step to developing the fine motor skills and the symbolic thinking needed to master reading and writing.

This workshop teaches participants how they can support literacy through the creation of story books and comic style drawing conversations with their children that are grounded in their children's interests and experiences. We will explore how drawing develops sequential and narrative thinking, how to add words to your drawings to develop reading and writing skills, and to support language development in your stories. We will teach how to use these stories to encourage your children when they succeed and to address their anxieties when they feel that they have failed.

These stories will help children develop their reading and writing skills, vocabularies, memory recall, self-expression, self-awareness and awareness of others.

For information about booking this talk, please contact Jason Goldsmith:
-Tel: 514-238-2402
-Email: jgoldsmith@thebigbluehug.com