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This introductory workshop is designed for parents and professionals who are looking for better ways to connect with their children.

Drawing Together

Communication is everything. When it breaks down, our children express their frustrations with behaviours such as resistance to talking, meltdowns and even aggression (to name a few). These behaviors are usually the result of one person not understanding the other. Drawing can break this pattern by creating a bridge of mutual understanding between child and adult.

Using case studies and hands-on drawing activities, participants will learn how to interpret the meanings of behaviours, get to their root cause, and address them through back and forth drawing conversations with your child.  

 It's easy to converse with drawings and we will show you how!

Integrating drawing into your home or classroom on a regular basis will improve language acquisition, memory, thinking skills, fine motor control, and literacy skills of your children.

For information on booking this talk, please contact Jason Goldsmith:
-Tel: 514-238-2402
-Email: jgoldsmith@thebigbluehug.com